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Guns And Ammo Magazine Pdf Download

Advancements in 3D printing technology have created another option for people seeking to make untraceable guns from home. While 3D printing an entire firearm has been successfully completed and is cause for some concern,196 the more pressing concern is the capability of using 3D printers to create certain firearm components at home. For example, the lower receiver of an AR-15 in particular is essentially the part that makes a gun functional: It houses the fire control and trigger groups, the bolt catch, and the magazine release.197 The ability to 3D print lower receivers means that individuals can produce or buy untraceable integral pieces of firearms from private sellers.198 Recently, AR-15 upper receivers that house, among other things, the barrel and the bolt carrier group, have begun to be successfully 3D printed and used to fire hundreds of rounds.199

Guns And Ammo Magazine Pdf Download

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